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How do I declare and pay for my goods if they are detained?

If your goods are imported as freight, the shipper or courier company will notify you of the Consignment Line Code (CLC) reference number for your goods. You must declare the correct value of goods and freight cost when declaring.

As soon as you have completed your declaration and paid any GST / duties (if applicable), your shipper or courier company will be made aware immediately that your goods can be released. Please note: Even if there are no duties to be paid your declaration still needs to be completed in order for your goods to be released.

To start your declaration enter your CLC reference number below

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If Customs have provided you with a DRC reference please enter below


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  • Pre-arrival Declarations: for goods that are shipped and manifested as freight (e.g. courier co.)
  • Voluntary Declarations: for goods which are carried in luggage , accompanied vehicles or by post
  • Relief Claims: for goods which are subject to relief of a customs duty

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